SPEEC is principally engaged in the Green Energy Industry, capable of engineering and manufacturing of hydro turbine and generators , as well as engineering and manufacturing of key components for wind power sectors . Founded in 1990, SPEEC currently undertakes projects in China and overseas Market.

Manufacturing Field
Our manufacturing facility is prepared for middle and large sized units , not only designing and manufacturing whole sets of hydro turbine and generators with unit capacity more than 200 MW each .  we also act as subcontractor of the other world famous companies to manufacture key components of Hydro turbine and generators , as well as complex and large sized steel structures .


The key components of hydro power contains castings such as runner hub, crown, band, blade, wicket gate; forgings like main shaft; structures such as head cover, bottom ring, stay ring, etc.


The company is expertise with in-depth knowledge in the manufacturing and quality control of key components of 1.5 MW, 2.0 MW, 2.5MW and 5.0MW structures of wind power, Ranging from stator, rotor, Nacelle, to hollow shaft, main Axle.

So far, SPPEC has supplied large qty of cast, forged, steel structure finished to world famous whole machine makers in China and overseas market.

Engineering Service

1)     Design & fabrication of hydro-electric power projects, small, medium and large sizes; including Electric-mechanical works

2)     Design & purchase of HV & MV Power Transmission and substation projects.

3)     Design & implementation of Renewable Energy Projects including hydro and wind Energy projects.

4)     Design & implementation of Industrial Projects; Scope of work including Civil Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical  Engineering works.


Our main operations are based in Shanghai, China with supporting teams in Asia and America.

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